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Late Fall 2021

Last Use: Admissions Office for Lesley University

1627 Mass Ave was last used by Lesley University for admissions processing and administration.

Spring 2022

City of Cambridge Press Release

Historic building at 1627 Mass Ave to be repurposed for new affordable housing:

August 2022


HRI acquired 1627 Mass Ave in August of 2022.

Sep, 15, 2022

Virtual Community Meeting

An opportunity for HRI to introduce ourselves to the community, listen to community feedback, and share plans on the latest project developments.

1627 Mass Ave - Community Mtg Presentation Final.pdf

Mar, 15, 2023

Second Virtual Community Meeting

HRI previewed initial designs for the renovation of the Saunders mansion and construction of a 6 story building on the rear parking lot. We heard questions and comments from neighbors, and will be preparing our submission to the Cambridge Planning Board with their feedback.

2nd AHO Community Meeting Presentation Final.pdf

May, 08, 2023

Cambridge Landmark Designation

The Cambridge City Council voted unanimously to grant the Saunders House (1627 Mass Ave) a Cambridge Landmark Designation based on the Cambridge Historical Commission's report.

Jul, 18, 2023

City of Cambridge Planning Board Meeting

The City of Cambridge Planning Board reviewed project plans and specifications and provided design feedback with input from neighbors.

Jul, 26, 2023

Meet and Greet at Saunders Mansion

The HRI project team held an informal meet and greet to share more about the project's goals and construction timeline.

Meet and Greet 2nd design option_green (1).pdf

Dec, 05, 2023

Second City of Cambridge Planning Board Meeting

HRI will present our updated design, which incorporates many comments we heard from neighbors, the city, and the Planning Board.

Dec, 06, 2023

AHO Process Conclusion - Change in Contact Info

We are excited to have completed our AHO Process and will therefore be closing our website. If you would like to contact the project team, please email .