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Send a Letter of Support for 4 Mellen St.

Dear City of Cambridge Planning Board,

I am writing to express my wholehearted support of HRI’s 100% Affordable Housing Development, 4 Mellen Street (fka 1627 Mass Ave). The City of Cambridge is experiencing an affordability crisis and is at risk of losing many low-income families who cannot afford to rent apartments in the market. HRI has a proven track record of building high-quality, well-designed, green affordable housing in the City of Cambridge.

I have reviewed the 4 Mellen Street design and support the proposal because of the benefits to our community, including:

  • 29 units of new housing, all of which will be affordable.

  • Renovation of the historic Saunders House, with attention to preserving the unique Mansard style architecture while converting it back to its original residential use.

  • The project’s provision of resident amenities, including bicycle parking, a community room, and a welcoming patio.

  • Sustainable design principles based on full building electrification, Passive House design in the new construction, and improved energy efficiency in the historic renovation.

  • Ecological sensitivity, including many new native plants and the preservation of three healthy oak trees.

  • The project’s prioritization of family size units (19 total 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom units).

HRI has worked diligently over the last several months to incorporate feedback from the community, including neighbors, the City of Cambridge Planning Board, the Cambridge Historic Commission, and the City of Cambridge Community Development Department.

As a City of Cambridge community member, I am proud to support HRI’s mission of creating more affordable homes in the City of Cambridge and am excited to support this new project under the Affordable Housing Overlay. 

Thank you,